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From 3rd to the 5th of August, the First Baltic Palliative Care Specialists Conference will take place in Liepaja.
Presentations will feature more than twenty lecturers from the Baltic states, Belarus, Germany, Sweden and the United States. The number of participants in the conference is estimated to be around 150.
This is the first time an event of this magnitude in palliative care is being organised in the Baltic states. As the topical issues in this area are similar in all of the Baltic states, it is planned to establish a Baltic Palliative Care Association within the framework of this conference, in order to combine knowledge and experience to solve problems more effectively, systemically and on a larger scale.
In October 2017, with the participation of Lithuanian colleagues, a conference dedicated to World Palliative Care Day took place in Liepaja. It was attended by professionals whose professional activities are related to sick and dying patients and their families.
During the conference, a number of issues were raised, which require further discussion in order to make decisions on improving the situation. One of the first decisions was to organise the Palliative Care Summer Conference with the participation of specialists from all of the Baltic states!
To a meeting in Liepaja!


Presentations will feature more then twenty lecturers from the Baltic states, Belarus, Germany, Sweden and the United States. The number of participants in the conference is estimated to be around 150.

  • Anda Jansone

    Head of Pediatric Palliative Care Service

  • Andreta Līvena

    Mg. theol.

  • Anna Garchakova

    Director of Belarusian Children's Hospice

  • Baiba Trinīte

    Head of Speech and voice research laboratory

  • Bożena Beinar – Sławow


  • Dace Soldāne

    Bc. theol.

  • Danguole Ruzeviciene


  • Diāna Fridrihsone


  • Estere Kvelde

    Mg. psych.

  • Evita Grobiņa

    "Nutricia" representative

  • Erika Gintere


  • Georg Bollig

    MAS Palliative Care

  • Giedrė Cincilevičūtė


  • Gundega Bļizņeca

    medical nurse

  • Indrė Bakanienė

    Child neurologist

  • Ivan Gavriljev


  • Jānis Upenieks

    Pediatric Trauma, Ortho & Spine Surgeon

  • Juris Zuitiņš


  • Jūlija Cīrule–Galuza


  • Liene Vēsmiņa

    Certified specialist of Eurota in transpersonal psychotherapy

  • Karolin Tooming

    Social worker

  • Katre Tamm

    Palliative Care nurse

  • Mari Lõhmus


  • Marius Čiurlionis

    Head of the Palliative Care Service

  • Raymond Voltz

    Prof., Palliative Care organizational group manager

  • Pille Sillaste

    MD, anesthesiologist

  • Rihards Poļaks


  • Sofja Tomase

    Medical nurse

  • Valdone Miseviciene

    MD, alergologist, pulmonologist, docent.


    Oncologist, chemotherapy therapist, Palliative Care specialist

  • Zita Krūmiņa



Conference venue: Liepaja University, 14 Lielā Street, Liepaja, Latvia

Scheduled time: 3, 4, 5 August

Beginning: from 14.00, registration starts at 13.00


1st day of Conference - Friday, 3.08.2018.
Location: University of Liepaja

Conference programme (latviski, english, по-русски)


From 13:00 Arrival, registration, coffee  
Opening of the conference
Introduction speeches:
Dace Markus, LiepU rector;
Dita Role, Rīga Stradiņš University;
Karīna Ploka, Representative of the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia;
Representative of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia;
Aija Barča, Representative of the Commission for Social and Labor Affairs of the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia;
Uldis Sesks, Chairman of Liepaja City Council;
Dr.Anda Jansone, Head and founder of Paediatric Palliative Care Service.
15:15 Dr.Vilnis Sosārs. Palliative Care in Latvia since 1994.  
15:45 Marius Čiurlionis. Report on the creation of the Baltic Palliative Association.  
16:00 Coffee break  

Plenary lecture:

Prof.Michaela Nathrath. German experience of palliative care provision to children and abolescent.

Rihards Poļaks. Legal aspects of palliative care.
17:15 Anna Garchakova. Belarussian experience of palliative care. “The Association of Children's palliative care in Eastern Europe and Central Asia”, ACPEECA – founding experience.  
  • Presentations of multidisciplinary teamwork from different countries.
  • Baiba Trinīte (Latvia) - 15 minutes.
  • Children's Palliative Care Society (Latvia) - 15 minutes.
  • Julija Cīrule – Galuza (Latvia) - 15 minutes.
  • Mari Lõhmus (Estonia) - 20 min.
  • Indrė Bakanienė (Lithuania) - 20 min.
18:45 Presentations from our cooperation partners  
From 20:00
  • Clinical cases evening in Baltic rehabilitation center K. Barona 14, Liepaja
  • Poster presentation, discussion on the Baltic Palliative Care Association creation
  • Coffee, snacks.


2nd day of Conference - Saturday, 4.08.2018.
Location: University of Liepaja


08:30 Arrival, registration, breakfast coffee  

Work in sections

1st group - 
Correction of symptoms in palliative care Supervisor: Ivan Gavriljev

  • Audrone Prasauskiene: Spasticity and dystonia treatment. Botulinum toxin therapy 
  • Ivan Gavriljev: Ultrasound guided botulinum toxin injections
  • Kristina Janaviciute: Physiotherapy in Palliative care for children with spastic/dyskinetic CP 
  • Jānis Upenieks: Palliative surgery options for children and teenagers with disfiguring diseases
  • Gundega Bļizņeca: Care and support chalanges with long-term incurable diagnosis (30 min.)
  • Pille Sillaste: The current situation with opioid use in Estonia

2nd group - Working with rare disease patients as a palliative care section Supervisor: Zita Krūmiņa

  • Karolin Tooming: Social services in Estonia
  • Rihards Poļaks: Legal aspects of the care of patients with rare diseases
  • Zita Krūmiņa: Rare diseases- examples from practice

3rd group - Team work in palliative care Supervisors: Anna Garchakova, Anda Jansone.

  • A. Garchakova: Difficult Conversations (45 min.)
12:00 Lunch  

1st group - Artificial ventilation of the lungs and oxygen therapy in home setting. Supervisor: Danguole Ruzeviciene

  • Danguole Ruzeviciene: Artificial ventilation -  indications, goals, nursing, complications. 
  • Valdone Miseviciene, Danguole Ruzeviciene: 10 year experience in Lithuania providing articial lung ventilation for children outside of the hospital.
  • Giedrė Cincilevičūtė: The challenge- artificial lung ventilation at home. Lithuanian experience of adults oxygenation and artificial ventilation at home. 
  • Katre Tamm: Oxygen therapy in Estonia
  • Diāna Fridrihsone: Artificial ventilation and oxygen therapy in home setting for children in Latvia

2nd group - Spiritual aspect and psychotherapy in patient care. Supervisor: Juris Zuitiņš

  • Julija Cīrule–Galuza, Conversation with a mother who lost her child (oncology) (10 min.)
  • Liene Vēsmiņa, The role of long-term psychotherapy with mothers in case of death of a child (30 min.)
  • Andreta Līvena, Professional Health Care Chaplain in an Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Team (20 min.)
  • Dace Soldāne: Death-denying patients and their relatives (20 min.)
  • Juris Zuitiņš: The experience of fathers with the palliative care of an incurable child (20 min.)
  • Estere Kvelde, Support programs for grieving children and families "Kalniem Pāri" 
    (20 min.)
  • Božena Bejnar – Slawow, The Changing Face of Palliative Care

3rd group - Providing nutrition to complicated patients, Nutricia

Nutricia: Theoretical part (30 min) and practical skills on a rational nutritional policy for patients with various serious illnesses, provision of nutrition to patients with swallowing disorders, gastrostomy, artificial tube feeding; providing nutrition for terminal patients (work language - English)
Not more than 30 participants.


16:00 Coffee break / Conference photo  
Plenary lecture:
Georg Bollig: Last aid, as opposed to first aid. Equally necessary, equally inevitable, but often neglected by the health care organization

3rd day of Conference - Sunday, 5.08.2018.

09:00 Check-in, coffee / breakfast table  
Plenary lecture:
Ērika Gintere. Burning out in Palliative care. Team of good relationships.
Team game
Participants will play out and create a country-specific palliative care model that will improve availability, quality and effectiveness of the existing model.
12:00 Coffee break / Swedish table
Plenary lecture:
Anna Garchakova. Bioethics and communication as the basis for organizing palliative care.
End of Conference.
Lithuania’s colleague report on Baltic states Palliative Care Scientific-Practical Summer Conference 2019.



Lecturer list


  1. Anda Jansone, Head and Founder of Paediatric Palliative Care Service and Child Palliative Care Society. (Latvia)
  2. Andreta Līvena, Mg. theol., LPVAKA Further Education program coordinator. (Latvia)
  3. Anna Garchakova, psychologist, Head and Founder of Belarusian Children’s Hospice, President of the Association of Children’s palliative care in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. (Belarus)
  4. Audrone Prasauskiene, child neurologist, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Children's Rehabilitation, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.(Lithuania)
  5. Baiba Trinīte, Dr. med., LiepU PSDF Speech Center’s Head of Speech and Voice Research Laboratory, LRS Ltd. Speech therapist and Audiologist. (Latvia)
  6. Bożena Beinar–Sławow, sociologist, international lecturer, founder of “Nadzwyczajne-Dzieci” (Poland), Auditory Intervention Therapy therapist. (USA)
  7. Dace Soldāne, Bc. theol., LPVAKA member, LĀPPOS Certified professional health care chaplain at Vidzeme hospital, social educator in centre “Valdardze”. (Latvia)
  8. Danguole Ruzeviciene, anaesthesiologist, Head of Children's Pain and Palliative Care Clinic. (Lithuania)
  9. Diāna Fridrihsone, paediatrician, BKUS Palliative Care Service, palliative care specialist. (Latvia)
  10. Estere Kvelde, Mg. psych., SOS Children's Village Association. (Latvia)
  11. Evita Grobiņa, "Nutricia" representative and nutrition specialist in enteral feeding. (Latvia)
  12. Ērika Gintere, psychologist, Liepaja University, Liepaja Paediatric Palliative Care team (Latvia)
  13. Georg Bollig, Dr. med., MAS Palliative Care, PhD, DEAA Clinical Associate Professor in Palliative Care. (Germany)
  14. Giedrė Cincilevičūtė, pulmonologist, Centre of Pulmonology and Alergoglogy, Vilnius Universtiy Hospital Santaros Klinikos. (Lithuania)
  15. Gundega Bļizņeca, medical nurse, LRS Ltd., Children Department, Liepaja Paediatric Palliative Care team.  (Latvia)
  16. Indrė Bakanienė, child neurologist, PhD student, Department of Children’s Rehabilitation, Lithuanian University of Healh Sciences. (Lithuania)
  17. Ivan Gavriljev, paediatrician, Department of Children’s Rehabilitation, Lithuanian University of Healh Sciences. (Lithuania)
  18. Jānis Upenieks, Pediatric Trauma, Ortho & Spine Surgeon, BKUS. (Latvia)
  19. Juris Zuitiņš, psychotherapist, RSU PhD student. (Latvia)
  20. Jūlija Cīrule–Galuza, paediatrician, BKUS Torņakalns, Liepāja Regional Hospital, Baltic Rehabilitation Centre, Liepaja Paediatric Palliative Care team. (Latvia)
  21. Karolin Tooming, social worker, North Estonia Medical Centre Palliative Care Unit. (Estonia)
  22. Katre Tamm, Palliative Care nurse, Palliative Care team, North Estonia Medical Centre. (Estonia)
  23. Kristina Janaviciute, physiotherapist, PhD student, Department of Children’s Rehabilitation, Lithuanian University of Healh Sciences. (Lithuania)
  24. Liene Vēsmiņa, Certified specialist of Eurota in transpersonal psychotherapy. Liepaja Paediatric Palliative Care team. (Latvia)
  25. Mari Lõhmus, oncologist, North Estonia Medical Centre Palliative Care Unit. (Estonia)
  26. Marius Čiurlionis, Head of the Palliative Care Service, member of the European Palliative Care Association. (Lithuania)
  27. Michaela Nathrath, Prof., hematooncologist, Children Oncohematology Clinik's Director. (Germany)
  28. Pille Silaste, MD, anaesthesiologist, pain therapist, Head of Palliative Care Unit, North Estonia Medical Centre. (Estonia)
  29. Rihards Poļaks, Dr. jur, sworn attorney. (Latvia)
  30. Sofja Tomase, BKUS Palliative Care service head nurse. (Latvia)
  31. Valdone Miseviciene, MD, alergologist, pulmonologist, Lihuanian University of Health Sciences, Head of The Center of Chronic Respiratory Diseases in Children ar LUHSH Kaunas Clinic Pediatric Department. (Lithuania)
  32. Vilnis Sosārs, oncologist, Palliative Care specialist, RAKUS Oncology Centre, Head of the Palliative Care Department. (Latvia)
  33. Zita Krūmiņa, Dr. – geneticist, RSU Biology and Microbiology Department. (Latvia)

Conference Programme

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Liepaja University, Liepaja, Latvia


14 Lielā Street, Liepaja, Latvia

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Latitude: 56.508792
Longitude: 21.010402 

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First Baltic Palliative Care Specialists Conference (From 3 to 5 August, 2018) Liepaja University, 14 Lielā Street, Liepaja, Latvia